luni, 16 noiembrie 2009

Invitatie la Consiliu

Suedezii te bombardeaza zilnic cu multe emailuri in care te informeaza asupra a ceea ce fac in calitate de detinatori ai presedintiei UE. Tocmai am primit un astfel de mail cu invitatia care a fost trimisa sefilor de stat si de guvern de a participa la summit-ul de joi, o cina timpurie, in care se vor decide ocupantii posturilor de Inalt Reprezentant pentru politica externa si "resedintele UE", adica presedintele Consiliului European.

Sunteti curiosi cum arata scrisoarea primita de Base? Cam asa:

Stockholm, 16 November 2009

Dear …,

It is my honour to invite you to an informal meeting of Heads of State or Government on Thursday 19 November. This will take the form of an early dinner, starting at 18.00.

All Member States have now ratified the Lisbon Treaty, which will therefore enter into force on 1 December 2009. The time has now come for us to choose the persons who will be appointed to the new offices established by the Treaty: the President of the European Council, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the Secretary General of the Council. In the light of the consultations I have been holding lately, I hope that on Thursday we will be in a position to reach a political agreement on these appointments. This ageement would subsequently be formalised on the day the Treaty enters into force.

The new Treaty will change many things in the way the European Union operates. First and foremost, it will have a strong impact on the work of the European Council itself. This is why I propose that at our dinner, if time allows, we will also exchange views on our future working methods.

Yours sincerely,

President of the European Council

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